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Refugee Excellence: Ahmed Hussen

Refugees throughout the world are forced to abandon their homes to find another. They have to overcome numerous obstacles such as learning a new language, adapting to a different culture, and finding the right resources to start a new life. Ahmed Hussen, is a Somali refugee who has paved his way to success despite all of these difficulties.

From a Somali refugee to Canada’s Housing and Diversity and Inclusion Minister, Ahmed Hussen is truly an inspirational figure. Hussen arrived in Canada during his teenage years, and despite all of the odds, he achieved a lot throughout his career. At a very young age, Hussen made substantial contributions to his community by working on affordable housing initiatives for refugees and introducing nationwide immigrant integration programs. Later on in his career, Ahmed Hussen served as the Immigration Minister, and he currently serves as Canada’s Housing and Diversity and Inclusion Minister.

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