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What is Canada Doing to Help Afghan Refugees?

While many Afghans have already fled following the Taliban’s takeover, many others are looking for potential ways to escape the country and save their lives. To help address the growing humanitarian crisis, the government of Canada introduced a special immigration program for Afghan refugees. The program aims to bring 45,000 vulnerable Afghans threatened by the Taliban. The special immigration program is also intended to resettle vulnerable groups including female leaders, LGBTI individuals, and persecuted religious minorities. 

The government of Canada, along with settlement organizations, are helping Afghan refugees in Canada to find permanent housing, language training, jobs and connections with established immigrants and Canadians. The government of Canada is confident that these services will help Afghan refugees adapt to their new lives in Canada.

Do you want to help do you part to improve the lives of Afghan refugees? Check out these links to donate:

The Toronto Region Afghan Resettlement Fund:

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:

Afghan Resettlement Programs:

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